The number of burglaries by fake locksmiths is growing

Summer has always been the time of year when home burglaries are on the rise. But today, ingenious thieves have sought new ways to commit their misdeeds at any time of the year. One of the new techniques they have begun to use is to pose as locksmiths, in order to get a copy of the keys to the house. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the first half of the year, the number


burglaries has increased by 2.2 million compared to 2021.In principle, they use the same means of communication that any professional locksmith could use to advertise their services, such as stickers placed at strategic points in the city.

The aim is for people to use their phone in situations where it is necessary to have a locksmith expert. When the person decides to contact one of the false locksmiths, they take advantage of the opportunity to make a copy of the keys to the house without the owner noticing. Some of them even make a bill, to give a greater sense of security and professionalism. They do not want the future victim to have any doubts about the work done.

After only a few days, the false locksmith goes to the home and takes advantage of the opportunity to get hold of all those valuable belongings.

What to do to avoid hiring false locksmithsThe

best advice is to go to the Union of Security Locksmiths (UCES), a group of professionals who watch over good practices in the locksmith sector. To do this, one of the tasks they carry out is to register those qualified companies, carrying out an exhaustive follow-up. For this reason, it is always best to use professionals recognised by the UCES, such as the locksmiths who are available on this website.

In addition, UCES highlights how the world of the Internet has made locksmithing accessible to more and more people. There are pages that offer the locksmith certificate, simply by completing a 25-hour course. This is not enough time to be a true professional, just to learn the basics of opening houses. Hence, the importance of using only recognized experts.