Holiday pleasures, with houseboat, yacht, catamaran or sailing ship

If it should be something completely different on vacation, how about a boat from Nautal? On the website of, you can find many, very different boats for rent. Why should you buy an expensive boat yourself just because you want to sail across the water on holiday? The choice is huge at the boat rental. You can choose between the most different boats and also how long you want to be on the way. Should it only be a day trip for testing, a fishing trip or do you want to charter a boat for your holidays to spend your holidays on this floating bungalow? Everything is possible, you only have to enter your holiday destination on the internet page of the boat rental, choose a boat and you can immediately start an inquiry if it is still available in the desired period.

Especially in the holiday season one should charter his ship in time, so that one does not have to experience a big disappointment if it is already booked. Thereby, such a holiday on a yacht is also very attractive at a colder time of the year. Since the ships are generally equipped with a heating, one can experience the nature from the warm armchair also times at another season, on the water. With which crew one wants to start into the vacation? With the own small family or with a larger circle of friends.

This is all possible, because there are not only small houseboats for two people, but also boats for 10 men crew. These boats then also have several sleeping cabins, a correspondingly large lounge (of course with TV) and two bathrooms. A well-equipped kitchen with electrical appliances and sufficient crockery is generally a pleasure on the boats. After all, you don't always want to drop anchor for a meal.

By the way, it is fun to sit relaxed on the boat terrace and look at the water while eating.A boating holiday is pure relaxationRelaxing on board, reading a book for which you have not had time so far, playing a hearty game of skat or just chatting, finally you have time for everything. After all, a holiday is also a time to do what you wouldn't otherwise have time for. If you are on the way with your own yacht, you have the advantage that you are not bound to the meal times of a hotel. Where would the captain and his crew like to spend their holidays? For example, you can get to know the beautiful Mecklenburg Lake District from the water side on a houseboat, but of course you can also go to warmer climes.

The selection is huge, which has the boat rental in the offer. There is guaranteed something for everyone. - Mallorca, for all those who swear by the dream island of the Germans- Greece - The Italian or French, fantastically beautiful Mediterranean coast with its wonderful sandy beaches and lonely, small bays, where you can swim undisturbed far away from any mass tourism.- Croatia or Portugal and many other dream destinations. "Who has the choice, has the agony".