Paint spray systems as an alternative to painting - what you should know

If you want to repaint your apartment or house, you don't necessarily have to resort to brushes and paint rollers. Paint spray systems are undoubtedly a viable alternative. They can not only be used for ceilings and walls, but are also suitable for furniture or other objects. In addition, they allow the application of glazes and varnishes.

Basically, however, they are not painted. As the name suggests, paints and co. are sprayed on. This significantly reduces water consumption.

Further advantages are the simple application as well as the small expenditure of time. If it is even a paint spray system that is primarily used for spraying wall paint, this allows an even application. However, there are some things you should know before making a purchase. We would like to take a look at what these are together with you.

Where paint spray systems are availableYou

won't have to search for


if you are interested in a paint spray system.

Usually, every major home improvement store offers a wide selection. However, some web providers such as Farbsprü are also conceivable places to go. Which is ultimately better, you must decide for yourself. In a DIY store, you have the opportunity to inspect the various products on site and get advice from an employee.

This is not possible over the Internet, but the selection is often even larger and you can look at everything at your leisure. Not to mention the fact that the time of purchase does not matter.

What types of paint spraying systems there areBefore

a purchase, it is of course important that you inform yourself about the different types of paint spraying systems. While virtually all of them feature the same design, there is a difference or two. The different types are usually designed for a specific application.

This means that although they can be used elsewhere, they only give the best results when used for that particular application. For example, there are paint spray systems for model making, for walls and ceilings, and for paints and glazes. Some are even designed for several liquids at the same time. The range extends from simple devices to professional ones that are used in industry, among other things.

How paint spray systems workThe

construction of paint spray systems is quite simple.

Besides the spray gun, they consist of an air compressor and a container. The container can be filled with paints, varnishes or glazes. The three elements are connected by hoses. One of these hoses delivers compressed air into the container.

This pressure then forces the liquid out of the spray gun. Meanwhile, the motor of the system helps to maintain the pressure. This allows continuous operation. However, the liquid does not come out automatically, but must first be activated by a switch.

You can basically choose the distance to the surface to be sprayed. However, some models have a longer range than others.

Spare parts and accessoriesEven

if you opt for a high-quality and high-priced spraying system, you should always have some spare parts on hand. This will ensure that you don't have to stop work in the middle in case of complications.

Furthermore, there are a lot of accessories available. These are especially interesting if you want to use spraying systems professionally. However, one or the other is also interesting for passionate craftsmen.