Salerno and the Campania coast: many beauties to discover

The territory of the province of Salerno is a real treasure trove of places and beauties to visit and get to know. If the inland areas, with the Picentini Mountains, the Agro Nocerino Sarnese and the Sele Plain invite you to take a walk in the green or go spelunking, the numerous archaeological sites (such as Paestum), the ancient castles and the churches of various ages allow you to savour history in all its power and variety. Salerno, however, is inextricably linked to the sea and the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and Cilento. These areas are so famous all over the world that they are always crowded with tourists eager to admire Amalfi, Ravello, Cetara, Maiori, Palinuro, Sapri and all the other villages with their artistic and, above all, natural beauties.

A great way to avoid the crowds, especially in the summer, and visit the caves, coves and bays that characterize the long coast of Salerno is to do it by sea and, for a unique and intimate experience, do it by renting a boat for private use.

Pleasure boats, a wonderful and personalized way to discover new placesA

trip or a cruise by boat allow you to explore and visit all the places, more or less known, without the stress of traffic, waiting for public transport and crowding.The rental boats are of many types, to meet every need, both in relation to the number of people to be accommodated, both the type of nautical experience you want to do. The choice between motor boats or sailing boats, between more or less luxurious cabin cruisers, fast speedboats or elegant catamarans, between boats to be driven by yourself or yachts to be entrusted to a skipper is really wide.One-day excursions can be carried out with motorboats and smaller and more manageable boats, which have space for sunbathing and give the possibility to easily disembark in several marinas or beaches. Cruises of several days, however, require cruisers and cabin cruisers with space suitable for eating meals and sleeping. For an exclusive holiday, it is possible to rent luxury yachts, which with their refined furnishings, air conditioning and many options are comparable to small 5-star hotels on the sea; those, however, who want to combine the tourist purpose with the thrill of speed, can opt for technologically advanced boats, slimmer and more efficient.

Renting boats in Salerno: the perfect solution existsDistinguishing

yourself among the various offers of pleasure boat rentals can be complicated, as well as being sure to rely on an experienced and competent charterer who knows how to identify the boat that perfectly meets your needs. The best Salerno boats you can find on Nautal, which not only offers pleasure boats of all types and for all tastes, in Italy and abroad, but also ensures that they are fully compliant with safety and maintenance requirements.