Sales of alternative ink cartridges grow by 18%.

The online sale of alternative printer cartridges has grown by 18n so far this year, according to figures provided by Rec-Line, the company specializing in the sale of computer consumables. According to a company spokesperson, this upward trend in recent years is due to growing consumer confidence in e-commerce (electronic commerce) and, moreover, the quality of these cartridges. The original cartridges, unlike the alternative ones, have experienced a drop. Original devices have suffered a drop of approximately 15% in terms of their sale online. Currently, the proportion is 2 to 3 in the online market for consumable products, such as cartridges.

Thus, for every two compatible cartridges or, what is the same, alternative that are acquired, the Spanish users buy three that are original, due to the growth of 18n the compatible ink cartridges and, in addition, to the decrease in the purchase of the originals, in a 15omo already we noted it. According to Pedro Martínez, Rec-Line's CEO, there are several reasons for the notorious boom in alternative cartridges, among which two stand out as fundamental: on the one hand, the notorious savings that this represents for the consumer and, on the other hand, the guarantee of functioning that is granted, as it is a product that passes (and surpasses) the most rigid and exhaustive quality controls. Along the same lines, Martínez pointed out that the environmental commitment, that is, the notable trend towards recycling, is increasingly visible in Spanish society, which, according to him, "thinks more green". The savings in the purchase of an alternative cartridge, is notorious compared to what happens with the original. The savings exceed 50%, in the vast majority of cases, depending on the models and product characteristics.

Moreover, even with that level of savings, the user is given a greater capacity, so it is clear that the number of prints is considerably increased. On the other hand, we have that consumer confidence in online shopping, has increased several percentage points, a phenomenon that has allowed to relaunch, again and again, the sale of consumable products on different e-commerce platforms. As a result, compatible cartridges have gained significant ground. Another cause of the rise referred to, is the fact that the number of printers in Spain has doubled over the past 8 years, due to a readjustment in their wrecks which, in turn, has led to a higher level of purchase of consumables.